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Welcome to Lotus Psychotherapy

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Lotus Psychotherapy, LLC is a center for healing, nurturance, and growth. We use the relational model to provide an authentic connection with each client. By providing person-centered treatment, we can focus on the whole person, not just the diagnosis.

We serve both adolescents, and adults. With over 17 years experience providing direct service, we have helped those with PTSD, self-harming behaviors, suicidal ideation, major depression, anxiety, bipolar, borderline personality disorder, sexual addiction, and acute stress disorder. The clients with whom we've worked have been able to improve functioning in their daily lives and decrease suffering. With the use of DBT, EMDR, and CRM, clients have been able to explore their true purpose and engage in the development of life worth living goals.

We use mindfulness in the beginning of each sessions to bring clients into the present moment. Prior to COVID-19, Lotus Psychotherapy, LLC was providing therapeutic yoga sessions for trauma and psychotherapy clients. We also held a women's group, DBT yoga workshops, and therapeutic drumming classes.

We look forward to being a part of your healing journey.


We offer both tele-health and in person sessions

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About Jennifer  Giovinazzi

founder of Lotus Psychotherapy

Jenn has been moved by the ever unfolding process of “living yoga” which she describes as both the “deliberate and informal practice of connecting mind energy, with body’s intelligence, and the heart’s desire.”


Jenn started her career in the school setting providing supportive counseling to “at-risk” youth. She developed and facilitated after-school programs and a summer activity programs targeting those with poor academic achievement, child protective service involvement, and behavioral difficulties. Jenn continued working in the school setting and became a Student Assistance Counselor, specializing in substance abuse prevention. She later became a School Social Worker and was successful in creating a Healthy Schools Committee that won national recognition for motivating students, families, and school personnel to increase physical activity and improve healthy eating habits.

Taking a non-judgmental stance and a mind-body approach to mental health treatment fosters a holistic approach that empowers clients to take the steps needed improve their mood and functioning. This approach has inspired clients to look within themselves to find strength, and create lasting change. Jenn eventually moved toward a more clinical setting where she learned to instill hope in suicidal adolescents and helped those engaging in self-harm behaviors find more effective ways to cope. She has facilitated multifamily groups and worked with families to help improve communication and increase authentic connection.


Jenn has been working with marginalized populations since the start of her career in that elementary school where most of the children were incest survivors. She continues to work with the trauma population and has a passion for connecting the verbal therapeutic process to non-verbal movements and interventions. Jenn has provided evidenced based direct services in a DBT adherent Women’s Trauma Program where she provides group therapy and individual therapy. She reinstated the Trauma Curriculum Team to ensure the interventions are evidenced based and effective for the population.   She uses mindfulness in sessions to bring clients into the present moment and focus on their goals. The individuals and families with whom she has worked have been able to improve communication, regain trust, and find a meaningful connection in their relationships.

Certifications, Trainings, and Affiliations:

Board Certification:

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)

Board Certification:

Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP)

Training & Certification:

Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM)

Training & Certification:

Dialectical Behavioral Therapist (DBT)

Training & Certification:

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)


National Association of Social Workers (NASW)

Board Certification:

Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT)

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