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Your Therapist in Moorestown, NJ

Prior to COVID-19, Lotus Psychotherapy, LLC was providing therapeutic yoga sessions for trauma and psychotherapy clients. We also held a women's group, DBT yoga workshops, and therapeutic drumming classes.

At this moment we offer WOMEN'S GROUP.


Skills Based Women's Group

Our Women's group is an open group with a monthly theme. Right now we are a virtual group meeting on Monday's a 1:00 PM.

We work with skills like Self Care for caretakers, healers, therapists and women everywhere, Change developing the courage to step into the changes that are needed for our growth and wellbeing, and Compassionate Connection looking at both grounding and invigorating practices that can establish a connection with ourselves and others.

Each month the theme changes and we welcome new group members.


Monday's a 1:00 PM

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